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TO have sex with someone without their consent.
The next jogger I see run my aparment is gonna get kobe'd in the bushes.
by jackdaniels April 29, 2004
127 117
when someone or something is ridiculously great or fun
dizzam. i shot the j and i yelled "KOBE!!"
by big_dogg November 28, 2006
31 26
In bartending, it is pronounced in a lower tone of voice simultaneously accompanied by an "air dunk" to announce and acknowledge when a generous tip was given by a patron.
1. Bartender: Your tab is $13.00.
Customer: *hands the bartender a $20 bill* Keep the change.
Bartender: *air dunks* Kobe!
Coworkers: Kobe!

2. Yo this customer just tipped me $20 on $40 tab and I was like, "Kobe!" *air dunks*
by Meemsta October 26, 2010
6 3
when u do something w/ pizzaz much like Kobe's clutch shots or rim finishes.
"Nate went all Kobe on that team last night."
"Yeah, Nate really Kobied them."
"He said he was going to go all Kobe on them."
by jbot1975 January 23, 2010
11 8
Last name Bryant. A famous rapist, back stabber and crybaby who just ruined the would-be Lakers dynasty when he cried so much that Shaq and Malone decided to leave the little narcisist to fend for himself, something that he has failed to do. Also made one of the worst albums in history (he couldn't even get any real singer to do the background vocals, so he hired a model), punch-line of numerous jokes about rape and egomaniacs and owner of the NBA's finest collection of pathetic excuses.
Kobe represents everything that's wrong with the NBA.
by B-ball fan. January 02, 2005
421 418
When you're just too lazy to add that extra syllable to the popular Philly slang word "Kobe."

It's a fun and interesting way to say okay. Guaranteed to start up a great conversation.
Alex: Yo, wanna hit up the gym? I need to work my glutes.

Katharine: Hella yes. Let's go to Praline's after. I'm feeling chocolate chip.

Alex: Kobes.
by Kobemaster17 January 31, 2011
3 1
The name of the best Los Angeles Laker of all time. Yes he was accussed of raping that money hungry woman in Colorado, but he is still the most talented player in the NBA today
Kobe Bryant is the greatest Los Angeles Laker of all time
by Kane37 February 03, 2010
11 9