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French origin. Used to be the word for when an animal raped a human, but has since grown and is now fondly the only human-raping monkey in UDL.
Knyx is a motherfucking nightmare. Watch him stick his little monkey dick in you.
by Grarp January 12, 2005
10 13

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Commonly known as "The Knyx the Motherfucking Nightmare" accept no imitators like that crackass ho.
Damn, Knyx the Fucking Nightmare just owned me again
by A big fan November 17, 2004
12 18
A legendary slayer of the living. Made people reroll IRL. The Motherfucking Nightmare.
"OMGWTFPWNT by Knyx again, eh? Me too. I crai."
by a bigger fan November 19, 2004
12 19