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Being Knut, or having the distict quality that is Knut:
1) Being excessively ugly
2) Being excessively stupid
3) Having severe mental problems
4) Being almost Nick (see Nick)
5) All of the above.
'Hey, man, look at that kid. He's all Knut.'

'Wow, look what he just did. Knut!'
by TheQualityMartin October 04, 2006
29 61
The coolest polar bear EVA!!!!!
Activists:The bear does not belong in the zoo!!!,It belongs in the wild!!!, Kill it!!

Knut:Shut the fuck up, I have more merchandise than any of you mo fos!! you aint got nothing on my shit bitches.

by Jerry the moose February 14, 2008
89 19
The name Knut means cool, handsome and sexy.
Many girls will have sex with Knut because he's so sexy.
Everyone loves Knut because he's the coolest person that exists.
He is much cooler than other people, he is good in everything.
It was he who killed Hitler and Osama Bin Laden.
You are handsome, you must be named Knut
by rarararara1111 June 22, 2011
52 8
Used in Norway for a guy who loves drinking PILS (norwegian for BEER)
Wow, you really are a Knut
by awesomeman5000 April 09, 2010
40 14
money used in harry potter books and movies.
a wand costs 70 knuts
by oldest_witch November 25, 2004
45 32
an unidentified solid object; a foreign solid particle
I love the McChicken sandwich but everytime I get one it has a knut in it!
by rhondafredaferguson July 08, 2009
6 12
To ejaculate or have an orgasm. Alternate spelling "knutt" or "nut".
I used my sock as a knutt rag!
by Sista Luvva September 14, 2006
15 36
An insult, after the polar bear which has now become incredibly hated, definition is close to that of "tool" and "larrikin."
A"Hey look at that guy eating a rotten banana."
B"What a Knut."
by Gohn Gardenza May 25, 2007
17 48