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knuckles is a loner, maybe it is because his father leaved him alone at the age of nine and his mother runed away...but, still i have my doubts
" bye son, me and your mother are going to have another child so...take care of yourself"
knuckles: daddy! oh, who cares?
by frida della September 25, 2003
An echidna from the video game series Sonic the hedgehog He is a loner and he despises Rouge the bat Now shut the fuck up, Knuxouge supporters, it ain't never gonna happen. Rouge has more intrest in Shadow, anyways.
Knuckles the echidna hates Rouge, and one day, he's gonna tear off her ugly slutty head and that fuckin' bitch will fuckin' die for fuckin' good! That fuckin' bitch so fuckin' annoys me! >:(
by Sanji's girlfriend July 30, 2006
A super cute echidna who loves Rouge the Bat.
Knuckles the Echidna loves Rouge the Bat.
by Rouge and Knuckles Fan February 02, 2004
An extremely sexy echidna who is MINE and does not love Rouge the Bat. He gets really lonely guarding the Master Emerald so he gave the job to some random hobo and now lives to bug random people when he's on a sugar high.
"Woah...I think I'll just leave. Here, guy, watch this for me."
by Taffy C. Hedgehog June 21, 2004