Means dickhead
Ur fcuking knobcheese
by Monkey October 02, 2003
the odour coming from your bosses sweaty lunchbox
damn, your sandwich smells like knob cheese
by snagglepuss April 16, 2003
The dried up cum on the end of a mans penis.
'I was sucking this guy off and he had so much knob cheese, it was butters'
by bob1327066 April 13, 2009
this yucky cheese stuff that grows on your dick sort of like fungi. Really not nice, cheesy!
by Wee Ash May 08, 2003
The worlds finest thrash ballad punk country reggae rock band. Formed in 1985 in a quiet Surrey back street, they shot to fame with the release of their first album A Pile Of Shit. Using simple chord structures, no rhythym and the voice of a giraffe, theirs is an unmistakable sound.
Ooooh, I do enjoy relaxing with a spot of knobcheese after a hard day's work.
by Paulo January 21, 2005
theo morday
here comes knob cheese, come to rub the little girls
by atom stacey January 15, 2004
Lucy's dietary secret
by Anonymous July 25, 2003

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