the odour coming from your bosses sweaty lunchbox
damn, your sandwich smells like knob cheese
by snagglepuss April 16, 2003
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Smegma which curdles and forms under the foreskin on a male who has low genital hygiene standards.
Person 1: What's that smell dude?
Person 2: Dude, that's my knob cheese. Damn, I knew I should have washed this morning.
by Matt Bateman May 10, 2003
there was a young mouse called keith,
who bit a mans knob with his teeth,
it wasnt for leisure,
or sexual pleasure,
but to get to the cheese beneath
chris is a knobcheese
by chris wheal April 23, 2004
after lack of washing and cleaning, the penis' dirt builds up and sits there happily breeding minging bacteria that stinks like cheese. it is normally crusty and yellow in extreme condtions. you are a knob cheese if your a total twat.
he dumped me a day before my birthday also being the day my beloved dog died

knob cheese
by little miss dotty March 20, 2003
The actual name is 'smegma' found behind the foreskin, it usually smells and is fairly stringy and usually yellow in colour
Yjan pulled back his foreskin, only to reveal to his boyfriend matt,that he had a tonne of knobcheese
by Star + Glitter April 15, 2005
<noun> Offensive Chiefly British Slang

The implication that the subject of the insult is indeed so insignificant as to suggest that they are equal only to the small particles of sweat, semen and urine to be found twix the folds of the foreskin and/or other parts of the penis.
BAZZA: "Aww Chazza you fuckin' knob-cheese!"
CHAZZA: "Dahn fuckin' call me a knob-cheese, y' piece o' shit!"
by Stuart Fletcher January 29, 2005
1.small or large lumps of smelly cheesy shit around the bell end caused by not washing many different varieties ranging from cheddar to stilton.
2.A diss to someone if they smell or u dont like them.

1.lauren(ginger)"whats that around ur nob?"
chrisirving"ohh dw about that its knob cheese ill have it in a sandwich later."
lauren(ginger)"ok ill have some too."

2.calum "adam u want me to anal cavity u?"
adam"no u batty boy ure a knob cheese"
calum"relax honky i was joking"
by ajay m August 03, 2006
the dirty yellow cheese under ones foreskin
tim hewitt
by peter pan October 15, 2003

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