A lock that can't be opened.
I'll have to pay five dollars on account of my k'nite
by NintenJoe April 06, 2009
Top Definition
A brotherhood unlike any other where loyalty and honor to each other not only brings out morale and character but profit as well.
"Wow look at that dashing young man helping that mother and her kids, he must be a Knite."
Knite is pronounced just like night or knight. It is combination of Negro and white, but with a silent k just to make it better. A knite is a black person who is so ridiculously Caucasian that they pronounce their g's at the end of an ing. This is the opposite of a "wigger" which a white person acting black. This is also known at a oreo.
Labron-"Dayum mayn dat gurl got her some juggs!!!"

Dion-"Yes, that female's breast are quite large."

Labron-"Dudez a knite!"

Dion-"Haha! Only white kids say that!"
by WIGGA NUMBA 1 January 22, 2009
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