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(1)Captian Falcon's "knee" move in super smash brothers melee. Since Captain Falcon is all about justice and protecting the world (mostly america) he uses this gay move to face fuck people like a prancing fag.

(The movie the protector consists of the main character knee of justicing every god damn enemy in the movie)
"zomg you just knee of justiced me WTF"

"OMFG i hate you for using your gay knee of justice all the time!"
by gla55jAw June 12, 2007
The practice of a peace officer placing his/her knee on the back of a criminal's head to facilitate the application of hand cuffs.
Man that guy just bailed off his bike and tried to run, but needless to say, he got the knee of justice.
by Smiledriver September 07, 2005
The ancient torture technique that involves the application of pressure on the back of an individual using one's knee. Colloquially referred to as "the knee" by those who fear its usage in the American Northeast.
Sam received the Knee of Justice due to his refusal to grovel at my feet.
by KneeTree April 25, 2011

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