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Adj. - A common vernacular used to describe something that is nice or "cool".
"Dude, that is so klyde."

"It would be so Klyde if we didn't have to go to school tomorrow."
by chenballs December 09, 2009
The best person for a bud. He laughs with you, never at you. He's silly and crazy, and weird all at the same time, he knows just how to make you smile. He says sorry A LOT.
You'd be lucky to have this person as a friend, and when you do find a Klyde, never let him go, he'll be your best bud.
You could talk to this person all day, and the conversation will never get old.
There is no one like a Klyde.
Bud: "Hey buddy! What was the first thing you said when we met?"

A Klyde: "Hmmm, I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of, will you go out with me?"

Bud: "I don't think so."

A Klyde: "Yes, you even said maybe."

Bud: "Sure I did."
by Life. Nostalgia August 07, 2012
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