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1. Deepest form of munchkin. Commonly used by RPGammers in Ukraine.
2. Optionally, to use this word as a verb, to characterize excessiveness of character's power. (often used in forum RPG games)
- My character Elgond is a great wizard, powerful worrior and high priest at the same time. He is also a perfect gutar player, singer, sportsman and lover.
- drinkvenom, klop.
- I throw extended fireball to the throat of a dragon and slain him by my mysterious arcane powers saving the peace on earth!
- Your post sux. that's spell klopping, munchkin.
by skfd August 05, 2006
(Verb) The act of hitting another with male sex organ, post intercourse.

Informally: Smacking someone with your penis after having sex. Preferably in the face. Simular to several other acts, but this act requires post sex, usually in close to proximity to when the sex occured.
I had sex with sally then Klopped her in the face.
by canada. December 09, 2005
a word that describles two insane girls that can't stop laughing :)
omg.. paige and shaylin are so klop!
by 12234436543 December 15, 2010
Used just like the word crap in refering to bowel movements.
"Man do I have to drop a klop."
by Phil February 04, 2004
Noun: Imbecile, moron, lamer. See also: Punter.

Verb: To be klopped - to be done wrong, ripped off, punted
That punting klop klopped himself and now he is an even bigger punter.
by non-klop November 09, 2006
AKA Whore, When Oziriz says whores it sounds like horse, and they go klop klop klop!
...And the streets were all full of klops!
by Heres Johnny December 14, 2003
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