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To dose or defile someone's drink, food, etc. Specifically, what waiters secretly do to your food if you're rude or disgusting. The origin is from Alex Haley's "Roots" where ex-slave "Kizzy" (played by Leslie Uggams) spits into the tin cup of her ex-massa (played by Sandy Duncan) before "fetching" her water.
Putting the kizzy or spitting in the drinks of rude restaurant customers.
by BillyCaeser June 17, 2007
This word comes from the African meaning "stay put".
Keep it Kizzy.
by Gav January 28, 2004
large ducks that quack with a lisp
look at that kizzy
by Justin S October 26, 2003
Cool in the moment
Kelly: I got new shoes
Lizie: KIZZY!!!!!
by Lizie February 19, 2004
cocaine, crack rock form of cocaine
we need some kizzy for tha nizzy
by nate dawg September 10, 2004
To copy someones entire clothes, style, hair, interests and cute names for fitty girls.
by Lolocaustt February 26, 2009
Slang for Coacaine :)! WOO!
"lets hit a line of kizzy"
by Master Pod April 17, 2005