An animal, native to the Islands of New Zealand. Common traits include Shouting incoherent garble(also known as the "haaka"), fondness for sheep and its ablity to eat, sleep and sh#t, all at the same time.
Hide your sheep mate, here comes another bloody Kiwi!...
by bonza bob July 30, 2004
Really happy Fruit
Who always makes you smile
hates orange but loves carrots
by Jelly101 November 23, 2011
I have an uncanny feeling the people writing most of these definitions are australians. Tut tut boys! Im a kiwi and hail from the north island: one of the 2 that make up our beautiful country. New zealand is still a member of the commonwealth but gained its strong and unique national idenity during world wars one and two. At the moment new zealand has terrible youth drinking problems (our legal age is 18) and a shot high school qualification called NCEA. But other then that new zealand is beautiful and its spring so all the lambs are frolicing! Speaking of lambs, sheep shagging is a joke of the past as i believe our dairy industry is gaining presedence, so there! Anyway all you american tourists, come to the land of the long white cloud and visit australia too...if you must.
wow, those young kiwi males drink far too much. But i bet they'll still pass ncea and go ont o become established dairy farmers. Here come some american tourists!
by k-lin October 04, 2006
1. A Kiwi is another name for a person who was born in New Zealand but are not of Maori descendant. Maori are the native people of New Zealand.
2. A Kiwi is a native flightless bird, only found in New Zealand, and are nearly on the verge of extinction.
3. A 'Kiwi' is a shortened term for 'Kiwifruit' or also known as a 'Chinese Gooseberry' which is round, brown and furry. In New Zealand they are mostly grown in 'King Country' or better known as 'Bay Of Plenty'.

New Zealand is made up of 2 main islands, North and South Island, with many little surrounding islands.

Contrary to what you may believe, Kiwi, is not a common name used in Australia for New Zealanders. On most part an Australian is most likely to call you a Kwazee meaning a Kiwi-Australian or a Mozzy meaning a Maori-Australian.

Also it is an Australian accent that would say 'sex' instead of 'six'.

Kiwi's do understand sarcasm, its actually an everyday language.

Australian's would deny this, but in actual fact, they love little New Zealand and believe it is a beautiful country.

'Sheep Shagger' is a made up name given to New Zealander's by Australian's a very long time ago & actually has no relevant meaning.

& finally yes, Kiwi's & Aussie's do have a historical rivalry. This is mostly brought out when defending eachothers own countries during major sporting events against eachother, examples: Rugby, Rugby League, Netball, Cricket.....
I am a Kiwi, as I am a New Zealand born Asian.

Oh look at the cute little Kiwi hiding in the shrub.

Would you like a Kiwifruit?...Yeah I'll have a Kiwi
by Money Maker 07 October 29, 2006
The little wingless brown bird that nailed a bunch of trees to the side of a cliff and jumped off just to fulfill his dream of knowing what it's like to fly
Kiwi died for his dreams :'
At least we know he was happy
by SCLIBSCLAB April 06, 2008
a very hott, short, cute, sexy, chick with an awesome body and personality
Yo, damn, she's a kiwi!


Sup kiwi?
by sg February 23, 2004
A kiwi, is an ugly fruit and also "hairy" which is also a slang and subtle word for an ugly chick.

Also an antonym of bean meaning hot chick.
"Damn, did you see that kiwi? I'd have to be drunk to hit that!"

"Yeah she's a kiwi, definitely not a bean."
by mtlbro October 09, 2011
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