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The cat position referred to when a cat lays down with with all four paws tucked underneath the body; the position that resembles a loaf of bread.
With no paws showing and her tail wrapped around her, Amy was the perfect kittyloaf.
by ClintonPaul April 08, 2007
A loaf of bread with eyes and cat ears.
Shin-1chi loves a Kittyloaf
by Junpei Takayama October 10, 2004
A very fat, puffy vagina with unusually large outer lips.

Also, a sexual act when a man takes a dump on a woman's gential region (specifically her vagina).
Man, that ho at the club last night had a major kitty loaf! I could see it through her pants!

She creamed herself when I gave her a kitty loaf!
by Big Mama Stank March 14, 2008
Cat poop, often full of hair due to licking of their own furr.
No way in hell am I picking up tat kittyloaf!
by Jiggles April 01, 2005