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4 definitions by Jiggles

1. Eternal lover of John Bui 2. Simply perfect in all aspects, smart: book, intra/interpersonal smarts very smart, social well cultured, pureheart-considerate, understanding, loving; outgoing; ambitious, open-minded, strong physically/minded/willed just simply strong, humble, full of life and spark, appreciative, unbelievably cute, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, well rounded, perfect body cuddly, huggable just simply perfect and loved by all; enough words for now those were just a few to name. 3.Not enough words to define-speechless-gift from heaven
wo hao ai ni, who hao xiang ni.
by Jiggles November 21, 2004
(verb) to expell one's semenal fluid upon the visage of a female
John skeeted upon Jane
by Jiggles April 15, 2004
a man who other guys call a homo because theyre obviously used to scoping out the queers
fred kicks it live
by jiggles September 03, 2003
Cat poop, often full of hair due to licking of their own furr.
No way in hell am I picking up tat kittyloaf!
by Jiggles April 01, 2005