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Amazing girl; she'll make you laugh and she'll think of fun nicknames for you. Totally outgoing and will love you until you prove to her that you're undeserving of her love. And you probably are.
Kisa is the best!
by Sunshine of the Universe July 07, 2009
Knight In Shining Armor Syndrome. When one is to see a beautiful woman in distress, one will instantly help her without expecting any rewards for one's services.
A beautiful woman has a flat tire on the side of the street, and a man instantly pulls over to help her for the sake of helping her. He expects nothing as payment. He is under the spell of KISAS.
by AJ Atkins February 01, 2008
a tiger that changes into a girl when hugged by a man; or when is weak.
Kisa Sohma of Fruits Basket
by NXJEN November 11, 2004
a very nice girl..and an awesome choco buddy...who tried to do things she cant makes evryone laugh while attempting them...still cant jump over fences and is a n00b at still is very very
who is tht girl jumpin over a fence, must be a kisa..

man..wth, u were bunking while ur mom ws in school..such a kisa

thanks for the chocolate..ur a kisssaaa
by sugar daddy225 November 05, 2008
little girl who pretends to be innocent but not. is sometimes crazy and lacks artistic skill. probably loves some vegetable. and supports a looser sports team
cant believe she is doing him. i thought she was innocent, such a kisa..!!
by urban freak November 05, 2008
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