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The Kirov Airship is the Soviet equivalent of a carpet-bomber during the Third World War in the computer game Red Alert.

Kirovs are used to bomb enemy bases and to a lesser extent, vehicles and infantry. A single Kirov, when not faced with effective anti-air defenses, can single-handedly obliterate an entire base.
Kirov reporting.
by KirovR October 31, 2011
Describes a socially awkward sexual relationship between a dominant female and a submissive male of lesser physical stature. A kirov usually involves role-play, BDSM or other types of S&M.
The kirov slang has origins in Russian and Bulgarian slang.
She put the ball gag in her kirov's mouth.

She rides him like a kirov.

We need to stop him from pulling a kirov.

wtf dude ? My boss thinks I m her kirov
by john8910 November 27, 2010
Specifically a russion vodka, however it can be used as a slang term towards someone who is russian or who has a russian sounding name
George: Hey, whats your name?

Person 2: Alexz valhahovolvic

George: KIROV!
by the kirov September 20, 2010
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