Kirkland is my best friend in the whole world because of his unbelievably caring attitude. When ever I am sad or down he helps me back on my feet and can always makes me laugh. He goes to church but doesn't always like to be there. When he picks up his saxophone no one can get in his way, he is a god on that instrument. He never really has anything bad to say about people and no matter how anyone looks he treats the nicely. Generally he is very smart and a great athlete. He sometimes is a bit clueless, but he always finds a way to figure things out. In one phrase, Kirkland is my best friend and i don't want him to change.
Kirkland is my best friend and I wouldn't have it any other way
by aspierz August 18, 2010
Top Definition
A city just north of Seattle, Washington that is much less ghetto and more wealthy. To the south is the rich city of Bellevue.
-Dude, were's that guy rich white guy from?
-He's from Kirkland, man.
by potatoboy221 December 30, 2010
a Costco knockoff brand that is surprisingly good quality.
Oh look! Kirkland soap!
by loser2525 June 29, 2012
v. to pick up and twirl a victim over your head before throwing them through a large piece of glass
Guy 1: Did you hear? Andy was just kirklanded and is bleeding profusely!

Guy 2: I know! I'm the one who kirklanded him!
by cremo_neco July 10, 2008
A fuck boy who only thinks of himself. He has the ability to fuck you over and make it look like your fault. Then date all your friends while acting like an angel.
I fucking hate fuck Boi Kirkland. He's a whopper of a dick.
by Anonymouslyhateeveryone October 14, 2015
Merchandise from the premiere club of Costco.
Example 1 -
Man 1: I see you got yo Kirkland's on! Nice!
Man 2: Yeah, this shit is the shit.

Example 2 -
Husband: What kind of chicken is this?
Wife: Fool, this is Kirkland's!
by meatwadspimplady13 February 07, 2010
A place in Washington where everyone there wishes to be like everyone from Redmond and wants to be rich like them. Where Lake Washington High School fails at sports, and constantly wishes to be so much like Redmond High school. Where people who dont work at Microsoft live. A place for a Redmond wannabe.
Damn i wish Kirkland was as good Redmond!

"Where is Kirkland?" "You know, next to Redmond, where the wannabes are!" "oh yah!"
by Redmond FOREVER December 29, 2011
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