Kirk Hammet is the guitarist for metallica, but the act of pulling a Kirk Hammet refers to playing very fast pentatonic scales with a wah wah pedal over and over again instead of using your talent to actually play.
Guy 1 "Bro what are you doing man? that guitar solo sounded like shit"

Guy 2 "Brah what are you talking about, I couldn't come up with anything so I just Kirk Hammeted."
by Katzmanbaby April 21, 2010
Top Definition
One kick ass guitarist. May not be the best, but hawaii may not be the best holiday spot either. Doesn't mean it doesn't kick ass though. Joined Metallica in 1983 after Dave Mustaine was kicked out. The least whiney and monkey-like of four members.
*awesome guitar noises* *wicked guitar noises*
by A guy called James May 20, 2005
The lead guitarist of Metallica and is one of if not THE best damn guitar player that has ever lived.
wow, kirk hammet just kicked the shit out of my dog.
by §cott June 05, 2004
Lead guitarist for Metallica, since 1983. Replaced Dave Mustaine. Gets a lot of shit from Megadeth fans and from idiots who otherwise don't like Metallica. He's a damn good player though.

Kirk Hammett can play faster than you or anyone you know, so think twice before saying that he "sucks", ok?

by bryan18 October 17, 2005
One of the fastest guitarist ever. If you see him in concert he does arpegio runs that will blow your mind. The only reason the new albums don't have solos is because James Hetfield writes all the songs and he never writes anything that pushes Hammet's skills.
Kirk Hammet is so badass.
He replaced Mustaine he must be good.
by Spawn October 31, 2005
kirk hammet of metallica...what can you say other than one of the greatest guitar players of all time. when you play 200 plus dates on the same tour,(black ulbum)shredding the living fuck out of them guitars,man!!! you got to respect that....
kirk hammet of metallica kicks fucking ass!!!!!
by raz master August 14, 2006
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