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When you pull out or start to finish, and blow your load and shoot it into someone's eye, thus blinding them.
"I gave Kim a Kirby Puckett last night, and she got pissed".

"Hahaha, still not as good as the time Drew gave HIMSELF a Kirby Puckett!"
by Zac Fielder & Josh Fritz July 15, 2005
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When you drag a girl into a bathroom stall and squueze here boobs so hard you leave brusies.
My date wasn't putting out, so I gave her the Kirby Puckett, then I went and got drunk.
by Shinndig April 15, 2009
1. A ex twins hall of famer. Retired due to an injury from a baseball to the eye.

2. A version of Tea-bagging, but dropping your ball into someones eye.
Dude I totally gave that ho the kirby puckett last night!
by Jens Lane June 22, 2004

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