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A short female with a small chest but a colossal booty... Not to be confused with Kirby
Bret: Hey! Is that Kirbi?

Ryan: She short?

Bret: Yeah...

Ryan: She got booty?

Bret: You know it!

Ryan: Yeah that's her bro

Bret: H*ll yeah! Imma go get me some Kirbi!

Ryan: Good luck man..
by ¿Whatsername? June 13, 2014
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A female name, not to be confused with Kirby. Kirbi usually has a larger than life persona that can influence those around her in a negative or positive way.
Kirbi can be the life of the party or suck the air out of the room.
by JustHereToSaveTheWorld February 01, 2015

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