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Commonly used in Glasgow; to kipper someone is to call on them or try to gain their attention and then deliberately ignore them once they react to your request.
Kippered that cunt a belter man

Kippered a dullyin.
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004
To be Kippered you must have something go against you or something bad happens on your behalf.
I got kippered there!,
You kippered me
by J.Mrson April 28, 2009
An act of sabotage, commonly as a practical joke and mischievous rather than malicious in nature. Originating from the practice of placing a kipper in a hot place such as, a car's exhaust manifold to create a bad smell.
"I bet John will be half way up the M1 before he realises he's been kippered".
by Purley Squire August 05, 2013
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