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Acronym for Kids In Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings.

Used to describe young(ish) people who should have moved out of the parental home but have refused to give up the easy lifestyle and perks that this entails. As a result this costs the parents in money and time.
Dude, you're 27, do you still live with your Mom?

Yeah, so does my bro. We got it sweet, we're kippers!
by veeds1 September 08, 2009
The name instantly given to someone who has wronged you.

This could be an ex-partner, someone who is now overdue money that was lent or left you in a crap situation.
1. How is your mate mike doing, did he give you that money back for the ticket?

That twatface? Nah, I haven't heard from him in weeks.

2. So are you and Anna still getting along?

Twatface dumped me for some fuckface dickwad
by veeds1 September 08, 2009
Someone who is a sexual deviant or well versed in many sexual techniques. they are a freak in the bedroom.
"dude, she was a dirty fuck, you can't imagine the things we got up to last night"
by veeds1 September 04, 2009
When already in a text convo, you send a further text also requiring an answer. Both texters continue this rally until they forget what the first point actually was.
Ali "dude, leslie has text me saying 'the pub on the corner' but I dont know if I am meant to meet her or when"
Vida "dude, you just tripped up at double dutch texting"
by veeds1 July 22, 2009
the face reserved for coitus when you know you are gonna cum real soon and have given up on waiting for your partner to climax.
"I knew I couldn't wait any longer so I put on my evil sex grin and came first. It was awesome"
by veeds1 September 06, 2009
Term used to describe a red haired lady garden or beetle bonnet.
"Check out that hot blonde!"

"She ain't really blonde, she is a natural ginger. Dude she has a flange a l'orange!"
by veeds1 September 06, 2009
A name for the place you can store obvious contradictions, lies and bullshit stories.
Jenny: "Mike, you said you would't tell anyone about that blow job!"

Mike: "Um...yeah, just put that in the contradiction pile."
by veeds1 September 06, 2009
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