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A word used in West Central Scotland to describe a woman's breast.

It can also be used to insult someone by comparing him or her to a woman’s breast/ tit.
That cunts a’ pure diddy man.

Geez a swatch a’ yer diddies!
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004
This word commonly used in and around the Glasgow area is used to describe pill or tablet based illicit drugs such as ecstasy or Diazepam (Jellies).

The word is also used to describe penny sweets bought from ice-cream vans in the Glasgow/ Lanarkshire area.
Ah wis’ pure swedgered oot ma nut last night man (when referring to drug usage)

Geez a swedger wee man (When referring to penny sweets)
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004
Commonly used in Glasgow; to kipper someone is to call on them or try to gain their attention and then deliberately ignore them once they react to your request.
Kippered that cunt a belter man

Kippered a dullyin.
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004
A Glaswegian phrase that is used to describe a timid, non-aggressive dog.
Yer dugs a Pot-licker mate.
That dugs a pure pot-licker.
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004

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