A kipp is a four legged animal who is mixed with only two breeds. It is often confused with mutt, however a mutt is mixed with more than two breeds.
My dog is a kipp mixed with pug and beagle.
by Lacreatia April 17, 2008
Top Definition
Kipp: adj: noramlly describes someone of awesomeness, usaully has no humility will try anything to make you laugh you're balls off. Often a name for a cheerleader.... a non-homo one usually scores well with the ladies. gives amazing advice. Can do extraordinary flips that will blow you mind. does not beleive in gravity. Enjoys sarcasm.
Don't be frontin' with that kipp

I got some great advice last night...I got it from kipp
That guy floated in air,he must not believe in kipp
you're just kippin' me
by XkedX October 02, 2010
aka K.I.P.P. a word/ phrase used when departing a person or conversation.
Keep It Pimpin Pimpin
Hey tony, i'll see you later. Kipp
by Babyboy May 25, 2005
Keep It Pimpin Pimpin. A word/ phrase used when departing. aka Good Bye, C-ya, Later, One, Be easy
Aiight man K.I.P.P., I'll holla at you.
by Babyboy May 25, 2005
(n) A major douche bag, comparable to a ben or a cody.

(v): to defecate in public, especially in the street.
Wow that cubs fan is a major kipp!

The bathroom is locked! Looks like I'm gonna have to kipp tonight!
by steve wajewski February 08, 2010
Someone who doesn't know his ass from his elbow.

verb int. KIPPED - to have to deal with stupidity of monumental proportions.
Who sent this issue to me? I can't figure out what the request is. Dammit, I've been kipped!
by InTheKnow July 08, 2004
Is that an anal cavity or is Kipp happy to see us?
by Cat (no hats) October 07, 2003
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