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The Kong Family's true nemesis in the Donkey Kong series. He's a giant kremling (crocodile) that enjoys stealing Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard, or kidnapping Donkey or Diddy themselves. He has been known to take on different personas, whether it be a boxer, a pirate, a mad scientist or regular kingly attire. He is also thought to be mentally unstable, which can further be proven by his mannerisms in Donkey Kong 64 and his large, very noticeable bloodshot eye.
DK: Oh, no! King K. Rool stole my Banana Hoard again!
by KNUP December 23, 2014
*Definiton Varies in Context*

1) Lower than Cruel, as in King Cruel

2) King K. Rool, the green lizard from the Donkey Kong series

3) Big and nasty, see cruel
1) Fuck, i just got clobbered by King K Rool! i'm gunna get him!

2) King K Rool: Sometimes i wonder... Do i want this?

3) There come Cruel, then comes King Cruel. Get it?
by your best idiot March 26, 2010
A scrawny little type of squirrel that makes funny noises.
Gah! That KingKRool bit my eye!
by Stalker October 14, 2004
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