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1.) when cleavage is showing
2.) when the boobs bounce up and down
You've got some major boobage showing in this picture!!
by Stalker November 18, 2003
The most beautiful socialite ever. She attends Monroe Middle School, and makes Monroe Middle School worth attending. Everyone loves her to death. She totes around Dooney and Bourke and Coach purses. She has a pet Chihuahua, and enjoys lounging by her lake to tan. She is really good at Algebra, Science, Music, and Language Arts. She hates Latin and P.E. I mean, who really wants to go to some P.E. class with a bunch of yobs instead of being with her European physical trainer? She is constantly setting trends. Her favorite mall is SouthPark Mall. How do I know so much about this fierce fashionista? I am her stalker! ;)
That is so fetch. Therese is no yob, rather a dashing young socialite!
by Stalker February 24, 2005
A scrawny little type of squirrel that makes funny noises.
Gah! That KingKRool bit my eye!
by Stalker October 14, 2004
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