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One of the forgotten rap pioneers who nobody seems to credit. Created Tha Alkaholiks which were responsible for introducing Xzibit. King Tee is from COMPTON, and when you hear him rap you know you are listening to real rap music. My favourite apperance of his is 'positively negative' on Xzibits album at the speed of life. Move over 50 cent, game and lloyd banks, real rappers need to be brought back!!!
"It's going down
Once again everybody lay down
Run your money and the jewels
To the front without a sound
The infamous supreme King Tee
Glad to meet ya
Derranged in the mothafuckin' brain
Through ya speaka and hey
I walk around the hood lookin' looped
Strapped like a mothafuckin'
Desert strom troop".
#xzibit #tha alkaholiks #compton #rap #j-ro #tash
by LonglivethaE June 11, 2006
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