sweet beautiful woman who has been to hell and back. An angel
her and Slim are good for each other.
Eat shit you dumb ho's who diss her
by Aroha (i_got_ur_back_kim) September 12, 2003
A slut and bad mother that should worry about other things than drugs & herself all the time. Eminem could do way better than her & can get anyone he wants that wouldn't cheat on him. Eminem loves Hailie to death more than kim & that's his gurl for life. I hope Kim burns in hell for what she does & that bitch is crazy slitting her wrist. I love U Eminem alwayz & forever. This goes for u Kim die Bitch die. I wish Em did kill u stupid whore, smutt, ugly ass, cheater, close ur legs next time. If I ever saw her Id punch her in the face myself. Good advice Em get rid of her!
Kim Is a whore
by Jaclyn May 05, 2004
Kim Mathers....
She's an Fuckin' SLUTT, HOE & WHORE!!!
Why did she cheat on Eminem For
Eminem needs More
Cuz, Kim Mathers iz such a WHORE!!!
For y'all who hate Eminem GET AN LIFE u fucks....except for Boyz <-----Enless There GAY FAGS!
Yo, Foe...Zizzle-Po Wizzle-Sizzle
Me? Just Bein Gangsta
I Luv Wigga Boyz!
by WiggaGurl13 June 22, 2004
big 'uns
by www July 02, 2003
kim is hot
by matt hines May 25, 2003

Motto: "Rehab is for quitters"
Gold digging blonde bitch
by L January 03, 2005

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