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A cross between a fantasy and a phantasmic nightmare
Hey have you heard that cd candyass by Orgy? Yea I heard it "feels like a true phantasmicy"
by BondageBoyo August 15, 2004
Unbelievably, insanely, super dee duper
That movie was Rip-Roaringly hilarious almost shat my self mahaha mahaha
by BondageBoyo August 15, 2004
1: beef is a meat product made from the muscle tissue of a cow that tastes good cooked and can give you diseases if not cooked properly
2: if you believe that beef has anything to do with getting into or wanting to get into a fight your brain may be made of undercooked beef and i would suggest you seek medical attention immdediately
I want to smack anyone who is mentally underdeveloped enough to define beef with something involving a fight with a side OF BEEF!!!!
by BondageBoyo August 15, 2004
Rock in its purest most hardkore form
Saying Tesh Rock is like say Rock Rock!
by BondageBoyo August 16, 2004
1: The sound made when you have killed 4 or more people in a short amount of time
2: Severe ownage
3: Sound I make when I kill people
Ha you got owned! I was shoving hte killtaculars down your throat!
by BondageBoyo August 15, 2004
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