A small town in Connecticut...not quite on the shoreline, but not so much inland. Known for being extremely white, and white collar. Known for a few instances of teacher molestation on students. And the a few instances of white collar crime. In addition kids that attend the regional school district of Haddam-Killingworth (HK) are known to do past times such as smoking massive amounts of marijuana on the way to school, on the way from school, during lunch breaks, before practices, and before games. Weekends are filled with bonfires with plentiful amounts of marijuana, forties, and massive amounts of pabst blue ribbon. We use Haddam-Meadows to drag race, and sit there at night and do what we "do best". Our town is full of stoners, those who are too rich for their own good, but the majority of those who live there think they are rich, but really aren't. It's a Middle, Middle-Upper class community that is sheltered. We have one stop light, the building of Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins was a giant milestone for the town of Killingworth. We have no town green, no "downtown", we have 3 convience stores, a library, we don't have a police force-we have the "staties" who like to break our balls on everything possible. The girls are preppy and the guys are scumbags for the most part. And everyone is judgemental and snobby. Known as being rich but isn't that way. In the middle of nowhere-and then they wonder why 90% of the population grows, buys, sells, and smokes weed including teachers in our high school. Welcome to "K*Town"
"Hey let's go jump in my Dad's brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee and bake it out man"
"Ok dude lets head to the meadows or Beaver Meadow."
"Killingworth is made gay man."
"Yo just hit this bowl."
by Glad to be outta there April 26, 2006
I would hardly call the building of Dunkin Donuts a milestone for this town. More likely it will be its downfall as more chains move in and everything unique and special about this once rural town is destroyed. Killingworth will become anywhere U.S.A., a wasteland of strip malls, cartoon architecture, and free parking in between nothing and on the way to nowhere.
killingworth was once a beautiful rural town.
by missin the good old days August 14, 2006

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