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Used to describe something that is sick gnarly or magical

It is also a song from the cartoon Doug by the band "The Beets"
Dude, that triple kick flip was killer tofu
by claytonxxl January 19, 2008
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Jaded raver that has no life other than his/hers E-life on forums for ptots such as and

He/she is usually online about 24 hours a day, lives in a motel, has no car, but loves showing off the size of his/hers E-PENIS by talking crap to/about others.

Usually plugs about 3 meth-bombs a day, has been arrested for plain STUPIDITY like calling in a bomb threat about Monster Massive, public intoxication and gay prostitution.

Claims he/she never feeds or falls victim to trolls but always responds to them and even makes new threads about them. He/she will even go as far as contacting administrators to remove accounts that do not tickle his/her rear. Has been known to make empty threats about going to jail.

KillerTofu's are elitist snobs to go on & bitch, cry, and moan about how they hate modern raves & the party going kids because all they do is a bunch of drugs & get too trashed for their own good. EVEN THOUGH, they are nothing but a bunch of drug addict, fry-tards themselves, who sit online all day when they aren't out looking for their next score.

The best part about these KillerTofu's is he/she claims to have super human powers and IQ, but if that was the case why no car, live in momo, and is online for most of his/her life?? Why is he/she a virgin? WHY??
Dude, there are so fucking many killertofu's on plurlife its unreal! I didn't know people like that gathered in the masses
by --Psilo-- October 05, 2011

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