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To accomplish two tasks with only one effort.
To use only one action to complete two tasks.

The only true way to kill two birds with one stone literally is to have the following involved:
1)"Kill" two flightless birds with one very big stone. 2) Use one stone but recover it after each shot until two birds are "killed". 3)Wait until two birds are in close proximity and fire the stone from a bazooka. 4)Meteorite collision with Earth.
I have to go to Olvia's house, and you have to see your friend who is with her, let's kill two birds with one stone by both of us going

We can kill two birds with one stone if we go to walmart and get what you need as i get what i need.
by ddddunit November 26, 2005
To have sex with two women at the same time, and climaxing on their faces. Bird being another term for women, and stone relating to a man's testicles; more importantly the ejaculation.
I will kill two birds with one stone tonight.

by Max Well House April 06, 2010
Firing one bullet and killing two people with it.
The criminal's aim was so good that he killed two birds with one stone.
by Longview March 16, 2005
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