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Kiddle is the act of fiddling with kids.
Dude, that creepy old man, he totally kiddled that boy.
by Alisdair April 23, 2007
6 10
A combination of a kiss and a cuddle. So doing both at the same time.
Give me a kiddle
I love your kiddles
by IJG March 06, 2007
25 3
A slow moving creature often seen clutching a bottle of the most efficient spending of three pounds available.
Can be sighted at protests and political gatherings voicing his opinion through the guitar.
A friendly well meaning being caution is not needed upon approach.
"Oh Kiddle's got arrested again"
"Man I've got such a kiddle going on"
by Suspectedcriminal May 20, 2010
5 1
A Kiddle is when a young ma (16-20) tries to kiss an older woman (28-32) and infact licks her nose by mistake causing much embarrassment
Friend 1 "Did you that! That idiot just gave her a Kiddle."

Friend 2 "I know - how embarrassing."
by Anthony from Blue March 25, 2010
1 1
kiddle is a little silly person who pouts all day long and he thinks he is fit but really he is a dick with a body thinner then a stick and he bums wwe
kiddle is aka kissle
hunter wilson
kiel hudgon
by jack coomber April 03, 2005
10 11