(verb) to relax, unwind, take it easy.
Miguel: "What up G-Money?!"
G-Money: "You know me, just kickin' chickens"
by Miguel June 20, 2004
Top Definition
To relax, to be at ease. the actual act of being chill.
person 1- what do you wanna do today?
person 2- ugh i don't know lets kick some chickens
both sit and just chill and begin kickin chickens
by z-trip July 21, 2009
What happens when you begin having a seizure as a result of heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. Your body moving violently.
I heard johnny did the kickin' chicken last night when he had a heat stroke.
by Morgansabitch July 24, 2011
1. (adj) Severely malodorous or foul-tasting.
2. (adj) Oppressively or miserably bad.
1. UGH! How long has that been in the refrigerator? Apparently too long. Now this stuff is kickin' chicken. Throw it out.

You're kickin' chicken. Hit the shower.

This cough syrup is kickin' chicken, but it works.

2. It may be only 89 degrees out, but with the humidity- this shit is kickin' chicken! Too bad, because I wanted to play some Putt-Putt Golf. That's not happening now.
by gameoverDude August 04, 2006
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