Kiana is a very quiet girl when you first meet her. Once you get to know her she is very crazy and hyper person. She makes friends wherever She goes. She is someone you want to get to know. Can't forget that she's a secret freak.
Boy: I know this girl Kiana and...
Boy2: yeaaahh....
Boy: she's the best
#hyper #pretty #quiet #crazy #freak
by Annie rose December 05, 2013
kiana is very hilarious , powerful and strong girl. she cares very much for her friends but get on the bad side of her it will not be pretty . kiana has a side of her that is very dangerous but she can act totally opposite in school and with faimly.
friend: it's so boring with kiana not here
#booty #boobs #weed #stoner #funny
by lourdes martinez June 06, 2015
An amazing girl, optimistic, loving, kind, and likes sushi. Also likes the show Gilmore Girls.
Girl: Hi Kiana!

Kiana: Hi! Here's some sushi, I cleaned your car now leave me alone I'm watching Gilmore Girls
#nice #gilmore girls #loving #sushi #car
by bankofthecasseroles November 22, 2010
Kiana is a derk. She is funn to be around with. Everyone thinks shes amazing yet she thinks of hersself as the exact opposite. Of course shes going to be asian because asians are awesome. She will be a joy in your life so if a kiana ever comes into your life dont let her slip away.

P.S. she fails alot.
Shes a derk. what's her name? its kiana. of course. Its cuz shes a derk.
#derk #kiana #friend #awesome #fun
by Derk. September 26, 2010
A love desperate bitch who needs a man in her life always and is not that smart, but she can be beautiful.
Omg, your being such a kiana!
#bitch #slut #sex #desperate #love
by Jerry Whale February 07, 2015
A very pretty girl but do not trust her !!!! She is very fake !!!!
Guy 1: Damn did you see that girl she is smokin
Guy 2: Yeah but I saw her take out her weave. She's a total Kiana
#pretty #girl #fake #guy #weave
by Limp Daddy Mak January 30, 2015
a very hot girl with a large vagina.
that girl is so kiana!
by g-unit April 13, 2005
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