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An annoying ass Asian adolescent who has the most giant and triangular eyebrows in California, sweats like crazy for P.E., cosplays like an idiot, smells like Hindu dog shit, and sings in the most stupid ass way ever
(Has a crush on every Asian girl in the school but is scared of every female)
That guy over there, he's a Khuong; I can smell it.
Hey Khuong, kneel down and suck it breh.
by xXPussyHairDestroyer6969_Xx May 08, 2014
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Someone who whacks off, watches porn, and is a music lover. Usually sings pop songs and is very funny.
A: "That Asian dude is such a Khuong!"
A: "Because he whacks off, watches porn and loves music!"
by truckkr October 13, 2011
Awesome. just awesome.
Q: Are you a Khuong?
A: Hells yeah!
by thunderdartz October 28, 2013

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