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kholdstare an owner of a ragnarok server that manages to get a server with 400 people down to 120 in a week. he totally discriminates sudden races and thinks he can play with people around. He sure banned totall guilds for nothing. This freak should be published for only the reason to show people how bad a person can be and how stupid a person can be.
kholdstare meet brazilian and bans because he discriminates brazilians.

kholdstare talks to person and don't like the person and bans the person

what more examples do you need of such dumb person
by protectorofgoodnes January 16, 2009
40 year old virgin living in his parents basement masturbating to gay midget porn. It has been rumored that he learned numerous positions watching these videos and tested them on his dog.
Do the dog like Kholdstare would.
by gaystare February 01, 2009
Commonly known as Gaystare among the people that hate him, he's a 30 yr old geek who decided to act like a god on a server he took over from because he's really being bullied in real life.

He's also still a virgin and fails at getting girls in a virtual game called Ragnarok.
Real Life pic of Kholdstare:
by Keyon Darkhunter January 30, 2009
He is a canadian that is well known in terms of online gaming forums and on Xbox Live. On the forums he visits he is known for being the Canadian member. His name is commenly miss pronounced as K-Hold-Star.

Guy: Hey it's K-hold-Star.
Kholdstare: It's Kholdstare damnit.
by Kholdstare December 22, 2005
Someone who fails against Nono.
Kholdstare tried to ban Nono's account and empty his storage but failed.
by nono the know January 24, 2009
1. The boss character in Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" video game, who is at the end of the Ice Cavern.

2. Screen name used by various people.
To save the maiden in the Ice Cavern, you must defeat Kholdstare first.
by D101 August 20, 2006
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