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He is a canadian that is well known in terms of online gaming forums and on Xbox Live. On the forums he visits he is known for being the Canadian member. His name is commenly miss pronounced as K-Hold-Star.

Guy: Hey it's K-hold-Star.
Kholdstare: It's Kholdstare damnit.
by Kholdstare December 22, 2005
What is Chubbr?
No one knows what Chubbr is, all we know is that it's not a pizza topping.
Kholdstare101: and wtf is chubbr?
aggroin00: i dunno
aggroin00: but its not a pizza topping
by Kholdstare July 11, 2006
Walk: "Wo-hk"
1. To move using the legs in an upright position
2. A social activity with others involving excercise
3. A misleading term said to others whos true intention is to smoke marijuana. "See weed"
1. Lets walk home today!
2. Lets get some people together and go for a nice long walk.
by Kholdstare March 12, 2006
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