stalker, creeper, or
pigs,hog, something fat
the kezia was following me
or the big kezia was wide.
by kyle jones123 May 24, 2011
A famous, 'slightly' dumb exstripper who thinks its good to teach men how to pick up chicks by using her exact ex mentors advice, ditching then bollocking him and getting the sympathy vote by virtue of her looks.

synonym: "a girl who can barely string two words together and has a faux ra ra girl accent"
guy A:dude, your girlfriend's such a kezia!
Ron J: whats that now?
guy A: she manipulates weak willed guys by virtue of her looks.
Ron J: really?

guy A: yeah just look at that old man pooah she has lap dogging next to her
by pissedoffpuastudent August 08, 2011
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