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Normally written in response to a real life event or online post. Used to express a sense of powerful speechlessness where words will not do the subject justice. It can be used to communicate joy or anger or another extreme emotion.
---: a;.ihgk.djghdkig;aeoirugteslkrjgna.krgu;oesriug

I do not have words for this. I just. No words.

. . . apart from this was PERFECT!

---: Eeeee, and the keyboard smash wins!
by gdkitty July 27, 2011
A random configuration of letters and or numbers that are composed due to a spazzfit.

With fangirls this is generally caused by seeing something so sexy they have no way to process a proper thought and instead seizure on top of their keyboards. Seeing something that reminds them (or proves the existence) of their OTP is will also induce a keyboard smash.

Alternatively the keyboard smash can be induced if something is funny, cracktastic or all of the above all at once.
Moderate fan: Hey, check out this picture of Tom Hiddleston on set! Lol, what a goofball.
Moderate fan: ...Are you okay?
Moderate fan: What does that even mean?
Fangirl: It's a keyboard smash, it means my feels were overloaded.
by RudeAndNotGinger November 21, 2014
to describe the phenomena of when there are just no words, but something is still appreciated.
1: "OMG! gljhfvjhlgv"
2: "What's that?"
1: "Keyboardsmash. No words can describe how awesome that was."
by Alethia-mi-chii October 27, 2010
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