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Kevyn is the most amazing person you will ever meet, hes nice, funny, creative, and an all around perfect gentlemen. He will cheer you yup whenever you need and is always up for a bubbly conversation. He also tends to be athletic and very smart. (:
person 1 "Oh wow who is that?"
person 2 "thats my friend kevyn"
person 1 "wow you know that guy?!"
person 3 "lucky you, if only i knew a kevyn"
by thisgurlrighthere May 17, 2013
A fag , total douche , piece of shit, usually has long hair, he plays with himself day and night. he will do anything just to get a girl he knows himself will never get. He has long hair and really needs to cut that shit. He thinks hes funny but hes not makes him look stupid. He usually likes guys. He is gay Has a liddo yam.
Omg he is such a kevyn

i know !!!
by eik eik eik March 25, 2012
a complete and total staker
i met this guy for 2 hours and the next day i was his number 1 on myspace.
omg he's such a kevyn
by hkghgjfdygu August 23, 2008
Name given to a girl who parents had hoped would be a boy. Usually expresses male qualities and semi-dykish or bisexual. Usually found in middle Georgia area.
That chick Kevyn probably has a huge dick.
by jdiddy24 September 17, 2008

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