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Has a noticeably bad case of DS, otherwise known as Down Syndrome. When spoken to, his response includes a 30-45 second blank stare, then a completely incoherent speech follows. This language is called "Nub-Speak" and is only used by the most inner-circle of the worst nubs - in the world. Most of Kevin's actions can be categorized under "Nub" or "Nubaholic", which also conviently descibes his entire persona. Nubness is a very contagious disease, that often ends in the "person" becoming a complete nubcake, as in Kevin's case. Because he is a known carrier of this horrible disease, any contact with Kevin is not recommended - at all.
Even Kevin's car is categorized "Nubaholic"
by ~Unknown!~ February 15, 2005
The biggest retard in the world. He has down syndrome to the max.
Kevin is t3h nubcake.
by Eric February 12, 2005
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