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Being very

Hey did you see that guy? Hes hilarious he must be a keval.
Keval Mugs Keval pants Keval skinny jeans Keval friends Keval t-shirts
by ammisay December 14, 2010
Being a complete wastman, and very likely to make a complete fool out of himself.
Someone who can only talk if able to use derogitory words such as "oi dickhead/pussyole".
"hey man did you hear Johnny did a Keval last night"
"oh really what did he do?"
"he tripple crowned himself and was then caught masterbating in a cave!"
"haha what a keval"

ALSO "he's such a Keval"

"that guy just called me a fassio!"

- "what a Keval"
by Carte Blanche December 03, 2009
When someone's face appears older than it should.
That girl has a good body but that's one keval face
by Mr_Durban March 04, 2014

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