a. 1. Really high; baked, fried, blazed, stoned, etc.
-Oh my lord, I am soooo blazed, how bout you?

-I am kettled off my ass!
#stoned #blazed #kettle #baked #weed
by artizz April 21, 2006
Top Definition
A term well known in South West England for best describing a young male and female having anal sex.
"Me and this boy had anal sex last night"
"Eww you got kettled"
#anal #sex #pleasure #intercourse #doggy style
by PaddyPeacock June 07, 2009
When someone has taken too much Ketamin, they are kettled
That last one has done me... i am totally Kettled
#k #ketted #kettled #kettle #ketamised
by Employee of the Year October 28, 2010
To suffer humiliation at the hands of another, often as a result of personal idiocy. A result of the TutRim Theory of Moderation™.
Arseface: Haha, I am so much cooler than you!
George: But your name is arseface.
Impartial Observer: Kettled!
by Brick. May 03, 2005
Had one to many drinks, i.e. pissed!
I so kettled, I cant stand up
by Jelly_Boy March 25, 2004
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