Top Definition
A cool girl with crazy hair
"wow who is that with red hair?"
"it's Kerrianne"
by Tilly1 February 16, 2010
Normally a person who is dead SEXY and asian, Kerriannes love playing hockey and enjoy stealing people's food. Kerriannes are totally awesome poeple on the whole although they tend to stalk people a bit and nearly get their heads flushed down toilets. People with the name "Kerrianne" are normally good at math. Best friends are generally people starting with the letter 'T' EG: Te Mahara.
"WOW! soo jealous! that chick's a TOTAL Kerrianne." - the whole package.
"That's kindda weird, she's a Kerrianne friend - everyone needs one."
by Bleeeh x April 02, 2012

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