a game about pieces of shit dropping i toilets (actually about marbles dropping in pocket thingies)
let's play kerplunk!!!!!!!
by matt January 17, 2004
The great sound that you hear when playing Beer-Die and the die goes into the cup
Kerplunk Bitch, that will be my fucking hat trick
by Dance Machine May 22, 2005
When five men have intercourse with five seperate partners, or perform dual penetration on a shared set of partners with one "odd man out", using one shared latex rubber glove as a prophylactic. The term is derived from the Mattel brand game, Kerplunk, which also involves many rods crossing, and balls dropping.
This weekend, Tom, Dick, Harry, Barry and I kerplunked with Susie, Mary, Annie, Liz, and Frank
by Idle February 14, 2006
For a girl to have so much meat injected in her she resembles the old classic game Kerplunk.
Jesus! I didn't think it possible to fit 3 in there! She's well Kerplunk.
by Dazma October 25, 2004

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