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Too implode and explode at the same time leaving behind a
large Ball of Dark matter
Dude?!?! did you see that Jeep Kerplode?
I'm going make you eat Random chemicals and you'll Kerplode
i shot him in the face and he (Kerploded)<-----that is Kerplode in Plural form
by Hayden Nikolia Kessler February 25, 2008
v. to have a big explosion, but in a comedic way.
Stina Shall: did you just see that person kerplode?

Lyme Ninja: Yeah, it was quite funny
by the Lyme Ninja and Stina Shall March 12, 2009
To smite someone. If a person does somthing you don't like you would use this word to define what you want to do to them.
If you take one sip of my beer without asking I'll kerplode your head in.
by Mark November 09, 2004

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