A derrogatory term used to descreibe one who lacks full comprehension of a particular situation; one who cannot graps the unspoken social edicts of contemporary society.
-"Hey guys, what's the dillio?"
--"Why would you ask that? It's 2007."
-"'Cuz it's phat, dude."
--"You're a kerm."
by Mike Groome May 16, 2007
a lame ; a nerd or a geek , somebody who is uncool
girl ; ayee ' do you know who lil wayne is ?

boy ; no

girl ; you a kerm .
by london m. January 07, 2012
Prefix from Kermit.
One who tends to lerk on ugly women, and doesnt see anything wrong in it. See creep.
Mike: "You see that guy over there?"
Adam: "The one lerking on that hit girl?"
Mike: "Yes that one."
(Mike and Adam look at each other in shock)
Adam and Mike (simultaneously): "Kerm!"
by Kermitlova10 March 16, 2011

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