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Non affectionate term for greasy, sweatband wearing new romantic.Hobbies - Country and western, fucking livestock in make up etc. His slick of greasy meanderings can be found on internet message boards such as angst @ nme.com as well as faceparty.com, in which he desperatley tries to convince the female populace that the desperate stink of cod in the air isn't coming from under his foreskin.

Residing in Sailsbury, this chap touts himself as the answer to womens prayers.

"Virgin, face resembling a crumpled tea bag, body of a chubby eleven year old" Would probably be closer to the mark.
Probably a bottle of Happy shopper cooking oil.
by Women of earth February 06, 2004
A load that a woman should swallow and not let near her womb. Greasy, orange genetic mutation.
An orangutan covered in feces.
by Anon February 15, 2005