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When someone rips your arm off and shoves it up your ass. Popularized by the webcomic 'Bug'
John, shut your mouth or I'll give you a Kentucky Handshake.
by Malkontent42 September 18, 2010
A formal greeting gesture where one of the greeter's hand is covered or soiled with food or other grimy substances before shaking hands. Greeter with soiled hand must proclaim, "Let me give you a Kentucky Handshake," and then extend hand forward against the opposing greeter's will.
Cheeto-fingers, chocolate chip crumble-hands, or original recipe fried chicken fingerprints.

"Aw man, Marc was chowing down on that bag of chips and gave my new girlfriend a total Kentucky Handshake."
by Benmily June 10, 2013
A handjob. Anytime someone pleasures another person using only their hands. "The ol' ball n' chain was too tired for sex, but she gave me a quick

Kentucky handshake!"
Catholic girls give good Kentucky handshakes!
by Shitbiscuit March 27, 2014

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